Circular no. 11/2015 of MCA
21 July 2015

MCA has come with a clarification circular no. 11/2015 dated 21/07/2015. Following Clarifications u/s 136 and 137 of Companies Act, 2013 has been provided: 1. If General Meeting is being conducted at Shorter Notice u/s 101(1) then the Company may also circulate the Financial Statement u/s 136 at Shorter period along with Notice. 2. In case of foreign subsidiary, which is not required to get its accounts audited as per legal requirements prevalent in the country of its incorporation and which does not get such accounts audited, the holding/parent Indian company may place/file such unaudited accounts on its website. However, original account need to be translated in English language, if they are not so. 3. The A/c of subsidiaries referred above need to be as far as possible in compliance with CA, 2013 and statement of deviation may be placed on website/ filed along with accounts.

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